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The world’s most degraded marine ecosystem could be about to make a comeback

Zoological Society London, Author provided When we think of mass habitat extinction, colourful, diverse and highly visible ecosystems such as tropical rain forests and coral reefs come to mind. Approximately half of global shallow water coral reefs and forests have been lost over the last few hundred years, but there are glimmers of hope. Deforestation […]

Researchers develop new treatment for AGD

Presently, farmed salmon affected by AGD are treated with fresh water or are bathed in hydrogen peroxide. Researchers are now investigating whether peracetic acid can be a more sustainable alternative to these treatments. Peracetic acid is an oxidizing acid that is widely used as a disinfectant in recirculating aquaculture systems for rainbow trout. It is […]

How microscopic ocean organisms and the earth’s temperature are linked

Phytoplankton under a microscope. Rattiya Thongdumhyu/Shutterstock The global ocean covers about 71% of the earth’s surface and contains approximately 97% of all water on the planet. In some ways, the ocean is more important now than it ever has been before. The planet is warming and more carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere. […]

Annual report for closed containment aquaculture

Please view your preferred version: Reader friendly version Printable version In addition to research progress, you can read interviews with leaders, partners and students about how the centre is addressing internationalisation, recruitment and how they see the aquaculture future. These are all issues that represent some of the success criteria for the Centres for Research-based […]

Are closed containment aquaculture the only solution?

”Closed containment aquaculture come in several varieties. Whether a large proportion of farmed salmon will be produced in closed containment farms in the future depends on which salmon farming structures the government will facilitate, whether fish farmers will be able to carry out production activities within that framework, and whether the market is willing to […]

Strong faith in farmed cod

“At least the biology indicates that we are now ready to take a step further and increase the volume of farmed cod”, says Øyvind J. Hansen. Since their start in 2003, Nofima has worked on a National breeding programme for cod, with their headquarters based at Kraknes just outside Tromsø. Senior researcher Atle Mortensen has […]