by Antonio Garza De Yta

If your humble servant wouldn´t have never dared to dream, probably today I would be working on an obscure pottery plant in Santa Clara, Ecatepec, Mexico.

For many, what I have achieved in my life might not be much but being able to wake up every morning and do what I love while trying to transform the life of hundreds of young aquaculturists and aquaculture in Mexico and in the world is a true honour and privilege.

I was not born in a noble family, everything I possess I have earned with hard and honest work, and that is something I also want to spread among my colleagues, students and professionals around the world: No matter where you are born or where you come from, with passion and perseverance you can achieve your goals.

Today, we are in the middle of a very interesting election inside the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) which has generated a lot of controversy; although none of the candidates have done any statements as of yet regarding why any of us want to head this organisation.

Before anything, please let me state that my rival during this election is an outstanding person and professional as well as honest and hardworking; I consider it a privilege to be honoured with her friendship. I would never issue a negative comment about her, so I will only limit myself to express the objectives or opportunities for improvement that I consider could apply to our beloved society.

First, so it is perfectly clear, on the contrary to what some people have expressed, on my humble opinion WAS is not living a major crisis. As many have expressed before, I am confident that WAS is the best platform for knowledge exchange worldwide; in addition, we have a system of global conferences that practically let us reach the whole global aquaculture community.

I don´t want to destroy what has already been built, on the contrary I want to build on top of what extremely committed people from all races, creeds, genders and countries have constructed during the last five decades.

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